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Hi. I’m Danny.


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I co-founded COOP CCO in June 2017 to do, to help, and to play. Let me break that down for you just a bit.

Do. Every morning I wake up knowing that we at COOP CCO are making a difference. The entire reason we exist is to give those with just a hint of the entrepreneurial spirit the strategic guidance they need to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or a global brand. Everyone at every size needs to authentically connect with their customer. That’s what we “do.”

Help. I volunteer for multiple charities, have worked in hospice for years and have read every book, article and blog by Brene Brown. Helping others is a part of my DNA. COOP CCO gives me a platform to help everyone around me. While my expertise is in operations, project management, and marketing, we have many other consultants that help one another out across a variety of functions. It’s like one big happy family - and who thought consultants could be one big happy and helpful family? When you put people before profits, great things happen.

Play. My husband and I live in Normaltown - one of the trendiest, artsiest, and just plain ol’ weirdest neighborhoods in Athens, GA. It’s a neighborhood where you can feel the creative energy, and it makes everyone want to play around / do things a little differently. This is exactly how what we thrive on at COOP CCO. Nothing we do is ordinary or cookie-cutter. It’s all about having fun with each other and with our clients so that we can turn creative energy into something beneficial for the bottom line.

Now … let’s shift gears and talk about how our team (me, Will, Christyn, Elizabeth, Jeff, Monique, Ashley, and others) can help you.


Business & Marketing Coaching / Roadmap Development

If you’re a small to mid-sized business, or even just an idea without a product, here’s how we can help.

Deep Dive. We get to know you and your brand really well through a series of stakeholder interviews and business assessments. Typically this starts by interviewing 3 stakeholders of your brand (internal team, customers, partners, etc.). Based on what you’re willing to share with us, we then conduct a business and marketing analysis to get a sense of what’s worked, what hasn’t and how we can improve.

Positioning Development. The next step is creating a positioning that’s unique to who your brand truly is. This isn’t a tagline but more of a definition of your brand and who you are / should be. Think of this as “your brand coming to life on one page.”

6-month Marketing Plan. We provide you with a 6-month marketing roadmap which is everything you need to do to make your brand even stronger. These aren’t cookie cutter recommendations but are tailored more to your specific interests. Plus, we help you to avoid from falling into marketing pitfalls. You know those robocalls you get about your Google listing and other search engine / social media scams? Those are the types of traps we help you avoid.

All of this is covered under a one-time fee of $500. And it typically takes 15-30 business days to get it all done.


The Affordable Soup-to-Nuts Marketing Department

You can define your brand. You have a plan. Now it’s time to activate the heck out of it.

For strategy and marketing management, our rate is $175 per hour. For graphic design, public relations, social media and other day-to-day aspects of activation, our rates typically vary between $50 - $75 per hour unless you need super specialized help (i.e. search engine management, web developers, videographers, etc.). Before you think, “OMG! That’s going to be expensive,” let’s break it down through a highly hypothetical example.

Let’s say you need a creative graphic. Our creative guru, Jeff, is pretty freakin’ awesome and pretty freakin’ quick. Let’s hypothetically say that it’ll take him 2 hours to create this graphic (assuming that you have a logo, photography, etc. available for him to use). His rate is $65 per hour. So 2 hours x $65 per hour = $130 for this awesome graphic. And who says marketers can’t do math!

We will manage this project for you so you don’t have to worry about all of the nuts and bolts and can focus on running your business. This means we brief Jeff, answer Jeff’s questions and manage this project for Jeff and for you. It could take 15 minutes because we are experts which makes us ridiculously efficient. So 15 minutes x $175 / hr = $43. We rounded down because we are nice.

To recap, you would have paid $173 for a graphic developed by a creative director from global brands and agencies and managed by someone with over 15 years of marketing and operations experience. That is really hard to beat … unless you wanted someone doing this that doesn’t have any experience.

What happens if you need a lot of work? We have 3 retainer options available. Here’s what the options for an affordable soup-to-nuts marketing department look like.

  • Hourly Rates. For businesses that only have a couple of needs and requests per month.

  • $2,000 per month. Unlimited marketing consulting with hourly rates for activation. For businesses that need a ton of marketing guidance.

  • $6,000 per month. Unlimited marketing consulting + 40 hours per month for creative or PR. For businesses that need a ton of marketing guidance and some basic activation work every single month.

  • $11,000 per month. Unlimited marketing consulting + 40 hours per month for creative + 40 hours per month for PR + SEO management. For businesses that pretty much need a cross-functional marketing team every single month.

If you’re spending more than 10 hours per month for strategy and marketing management with us, it makes since for you to have a retainer. BTW … you wouldn’t be able to hire a good marketing manager for $24,000 per year! For the $11,000 per month retainer we can be pretty flexible about the activation hours and services and are happy to come up with a custom version for you if needed.


The Benefits

Sometimes we get questions like, “Why wouldn’t I bypass you and go straight to your designer?” or “How are you different than these other marketing companies?” and we have one response …

Because we know what we are doing.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Each person at COOP CCO has at least 5 years experience in their respective fields with most having more than 10.

  • We are one-stop for all of your marketing needs and, if you don’t have someone that’s 100% focused on managing it, you brand (not your business) will fall apart. It’s a harsh truth.

  • You can’t find a full-time marketing manager that’s worth their salt for $24,000 or less.

  • We don’t make a profit off of our recommendations. The rate our folks charge us is what we charge you. So there is literally no incentive to b.s. you and recommend stuff that you don’t need.

  • Most importantly … we focus on strategy first. We do not and will not jump straight to activation. That’s typically how money gets wasted and things go south.

And sometimes, if people are really curious and ballsy, they ask, “How do you make money?”

Our response … “Because we enjoy what we do and put people before profit.”

None of us are out to be millionaires or to be on the cover of a trade magazine. And that makes a big difference.