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How to find 20-in-20

We are in the BACK of Chase Park Warehouses (closest to Oneta St). If you park on the front side (Canopy, Nitch, etc.), it’ll be a long walk around the building. And it’s a big building. Here are the directions once you make it to Oneta St...

- Turn off Oneta St into the Athens Cotton Press.
- Almost immediately turn right into the first parking lot. Look for the iron statue man thingy. Park as close to the dumpsters in the parking lot as you can.
- Walk across the little foot bridge by the mailboxes and turn right on the sidewalk.
- Walk to the black siding / blue door and knock.
- Congrats! You made it!

If you’re still lost, call Will @ (706) 714-3728.

Map to COOP CCO.jpg