Collaborate. Create. Operate.


Big brand marketing and strategy consultants - minus the buzzwords.

This is why we do what we do.

Each of us spent years climbing the corporate ladder with big name brands across pretty much every industry imaginable. And we watched the same story unfold time and time again - the bigger companies got, the less focus and cohesiveness they had. So we said enough is enough in 2017. We left our big brand jobs to help brands of all types and sizes address pain points through strategy and communications. Our vision was trifold:

- Offer a marketing and strategy service that is accessible to brands of all sizes.

- Focus first on strategy and then make and execute marketing recommendations.

- Promote authenticity, transparency and honesty in everything that we do.

From the beginning, we always said we'd be the un-agency agency and the un-consultancy consultancy. This means that we believe in putting people before profits and productivity before processes. It's all about helping others grow and establish brands with authenticity and honesty. So you won't find us in a super flashy office space or making recommendations that we won't execute. That's just not how we roll.


Will Riley

Managing Partner / Marketing Strategy

Will has had an adventurous career. He's worked with country music stars, developed insurance projects, innovated label makers, merchandised hand tools and created multiple brand management teams from scratch. While none of those have anything in common (except for Will), it goes to show he’s a quick learner and skilled at turning complex ideas into an easily executable strategy. A graduate of the University of South Carolina (BBA) and the University of Georgia (MBA), he’s a bit conflicted each fall. Ask him about Lucy, his Great Dane, but be prepared for pictures … lots of pictures.

Zaxby’s / The Home Depot / Newell Brands / Aflac


Danny Sutton

Partner / Operations Strategy

You know the funniest thing about Danny? There’s nothing funny about Danny. He’s the backbone of our operations and project management programs. With over 15 years of sales and operations experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge in a variety of industries from event planning and hospitality to healthcare and insurance. Danny understands the importance of flawless execution. When he’s not keeping everyone in line with a smile on his face, he enjoys cooking, working out and home improvement. Watch out HGTV!

T-Rex Investments / One Call Care Management / Gentiva / Crossroads Hospice / Compassionate Healthcare


Christyn Ballentine

Consultant / Strategy & Channel Development

It’s Ballentine. Rhymes with Valentine. That’s significant because she loves marketing and operations, and our clients love her. Christyn brings more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry to the table (pun intended). From working on the frontline, to developing operations programs at the corporate level for the frontline, she understands the nuances involved with having a clear message that’s on strategy and easily executed. When she’s not changing the hospitality industry for the better, Christyn is an avid dog lover, enjoys traveling, and is not too shabby with a camera. She’s actually really good at that last one

AFC / Zaxby’s / Merial / Ritz-Carlton


Zack Godfrey

Consultant / Corporate Social Responsibility

After one conversation with Zack, you’ll be inspired to be a better human and run a better business. Seriously. Zack’s passion is helping brands benefit from purpose. Whether it’s working with start-ups or big brands, he’s our expert when it comes to building a sense of community, creating positive social impact, and establishing strategic partnerships and programs that truly matter.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises / Inspiring Capital


Monique Cooper

Consultant / PR & Content Strategy

What do you get when you combine “more” and “unique?” Monique. She’s helped a variety of brands on both the agency and client side think outside the box when it comes to creating media-worthy content. From working with major media outlets to helping C-suite teams rethink their entire content marketing strategy, every client she works with ends up with a much more cohesive brand. When she’s not changing clients for the better, she enjoys photography, home improvement and art.

See.Spark.Go. / Cultural Arts Council


Elizabeth Gaines

Consultant / PR & Content Strategy

Elizabeth came on board so we could “gain” her digital marketing expertise. From digital project management and online advertising strategy to metrics optimization, she’s our digital guru. Elizabeth has a knack for asking the right questions at the right time as if she can foresee digital trends. And that’s what strategy is all about.

Herff Jones / EyeWonder / SAY Media